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Other useful information regarding your subscription:


  • Only one WebCam account per domain.
  • Only WebCam pages containing owners' WebCam images may apply (no TOP 100, dierctories, etc...)
  • Adult sites (containing nudity and/or pornography) won't be accepted !
  • Sites with erotic or pornographic images, links, etc... won't be accepted.
  • Erotic or pornographic banner won't be accepted.
  • Only .GIF and .JPG are accepted!
  • Only true WebCam owner's images are allowed. No erotic or pornographic material allowed !
  • Do not try to cheat or break any of these rules, or you'll get banned from the service.
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail with all URL details.
  • You may have to wait until the next Ranking update for your site to be listed, once we've reviewed and added it to the Ranking database.
  • Please only submit your site ONCE. Multiple submissions with the same URL will be deleted (and may be banned) automatically.
  • WebCam Images will only show for the top 50 ranked sites. File types supported include .jpg and .gif only (320x240).
  • Please don't loose your password and rank ID. You'll need both to update your site information.
  • Ranking list is refreshed every 30 minutes and reset every 7 days.

A site which is not appropriate to us can be removed without notice.

Un site qui ne nous convient pas peut être supprimé sans préavis.