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Sofware: Platform: Price: FTP Stream Comments:
iVisit Win        
CamTrack PC $9.95     Automatic zoom, Automatic face tracking, Sophisticated video noise reduction, Smiley animation, and other video effects.
WebcamXP PC from $40 ball3.gif (1956 bytes) ball3.gif (1956 bytes) Very nice and innovative webcam software, support up to 5 sources simultaneously for multiple cam on the same server.
Yowcam PC Free ball3.gif (1956 bytes) ball3.gif (1956 bytes) Simple and effective, we can do everything: FTP and Streaming. And it is free :))
star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)
Active Webcam
Redaction choice.
PC $29 ball3.gif (1956 bytes) ball3.gif (1956 bytes) Well done complete software with motion detection.
star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes) Screenshot
ComedyWebcam PC FREE
Pro ver: $20
ball3.gif (1956 bytes)    
Redaction choice.
PC FREE ball3.gif (1956 bytes)   Does FTP captures and motion detection, it is well done, simple to use and FREE.
Software in english or french.

star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)
Webcam 32 (the one I use) PC $25 ball3.gif (1956 bytes) ball3.gif (1956 bytes) screenshot, Quick installation Guide.
star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)
Vision GS PC Free ball3.gif (1956 bytes) ball3.gif (1956 bytes) Complete Webcam Software + Motion detection. 
star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)
SnapCap PC Free for 243d ($79) ball3.gif (1956 bytes) ball3.gif (1956 bytes)  
ISpy PC $49 ball3.gif (1956 bytes)   screenshot
ChillCam PC $25 ball3.gif (1956 bytes)   screenshot
CoffeCup Webcam PC $30 ball3.gif (1956 bytes)    
GOTCHA Motion detection ! PC $69 ball3.gif (1956 bytes)   Screenshot
The Must in surveillance !
This soft sends captured picture, by FTP, only when there is movement ! (also by e-mail)
star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)
NetSnap PC $49 ball3.gif (1956 bytes)    
TrueTech (cool) PC     ball3.gif (1956 bytes) screenshot
Easy to install: download, install, launch, click on "view my personal homepage"...that's all !
They host your page.

star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)
Webcamnow PC Free   ball3.gif (1956 bytes) Same kind as Truetech software but works better on NT.
grabmotion (détection de mouvement) PC Free     you may try
Webcam Too et Turbo MAC        
StripCam MAC        
For videoconférence
Sofware: Platform: Price: Comments:
CamFrog PC Free Video Chat software
Netmeeting de Microsoft PC Free The latest version is relatively cool   but the picture quality is always changing from good to poor, you also have better not use the microsoft servers (it will ask you to setup MSN messenger).

Thanks to Christophe Vuignier :-))

ICUII Video Chat (cool) PC $25 screenshot. Cool simple and fast to connect, the picture quality is very stable and it is 
Multicast !
star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)
CuSeeMe PC $69  
Professional Video surveillance
Sofware: Platform: Price: Comments:
Milestone Xprotec 95,98,NT4
From $395 A complete video surveillance software working with Axis network cameras. With motion detection, archiving, HTTP access via web server, etc...
star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)star.gif (1024 bytes)
MPG Encoders
Sofware: Platform: Price: Comments:
Avi2mpg1 95,98,NT4
FREE This is a small command line encoder. you can also download the GUI Wrapper (win interface) to use with it. Successfully tested under Win2000.
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Sofware: Platform: Price: Comments:
[email protected]
Barcodes reader
ShareWare, $49 Transform your PC camera into an omnidirectional 1D/2D barcode reader with the world's first and unique realtime barcode recognition software for Webcams, VFW compatible devices and Twain devices.
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Screenshot of Active Webcam

topbutton.gif (1347 octets)

Screenshot of Webcam32:

screen1.jpg (22384 octets)    topbutton.gif (1347 octets)

Screenshot of Ispy:

screen2.jpg (22557 octets)    topbutton.gif (1347 octets)

Screenshot of ChillCam:

screen3.jpg (36909 octets)    topbutton.gif (1347 octets)

Screenshot de Webcam 2.2 de TrueTech   (just install the soft and you are online !)

truetec3.jpg (35893 bytes)topbutton.gif (1347 octets)

Sceenshot of ICUII:

screen4.jpg (11705 octets)    topbutton.gif (1347 octets)

Screenshot of GOTCHA:

g30a.jpg (26652 bytes)  topbutton.gif (1347 bytes)