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Setup your webcam with the software "webcam32" ver. 6.xx using the streaming method.

This is a basic installation with a common Webcam software using the "streaming" method. For more details about all the fonctionalities of the Webcam32 software, please refer to their user guide.

First of all you need to be OK with the following items:

1. You have a Webcam.
2. You have an internet connection (dial-up, cablemodem, LAN, etc...).
3. You have a place to host your Webcam page.

Download the trial version of Webcam32 here. (Then you may buy this great software for only $25 at:

When you are ready you can continue with the following steps:

  • setup the software.
  • create your Webcam page .

A. Setup the software.

1. Install your webcam on your PC.

2. Install "Webcam32" then run it.

3. Click on the TCP/IP icon: . A window as below will appear::

Verify the following parameters (circled in red):

  • "Applet Enabled" must be checked.
  • "Server Push Enabled" must be checked.

4. In the left part of the window (under TCP/IP) click on "Access":

"Remote access port" must be: 8888

(The parameters "Allow hostname lookup", "Enable HTTP logging" and "Log file" are used to have a log file showing who watched your cam.)

5. Because Streaming needs a lot of bandwidth we suggest to adjust the video in time or in kilobytes (per visit). To do it select Server Push in the left part of the window then adjust the Maximum push interval (in seconds) and the Maximum push size (in Kb). to disable on of these parameter just set it to 0 (zero). If you set both parameters to 0 (zero) the video will be live until the visitor close its browser.

para5.gif (23343 bytes)

6. Once it is done click OK.

That's all for the software (just remember that when you start Webcam32 visitors will be able to see you because webcam32 works as a video server).

To check if Webcam32 is correctly set click on this page: JavaCamPush.htm (Webcam32 must be running).

WARNING If the picture stays gray and a message in the bottom of the browser says "Load: Class JavaCamPush not found" DO NOT try to find the applet on your disk or even anywhere else as you won't find it because this applet is automatically generated by Webcam32 on-demand. 
The problem often comes because your browser was started before Webcam32, so close and restart your browser then do the test again.

B. Create your webcam page.

1. Download the following template::

icodownl.gif (342 bytes)

2. Extract the HTML file and save it on your local drive.

Now there is 2 possibilities:

1. If you have a fixed IP address (it is usually the case with cable-modem and ADSL)

  • Edit the streaming.htm page and you muste replace these caracters: %%IP%% with your own IP address (in 2 places).

  • Upload the page on your Web server.

  • Start your page on your favorite browser and check that you are LIVE ! (Webcam32 must be running)

  • If it works: CONGRATULATIONS :))) that's all !

2. if you don't have a fixed IP address (it is the case with a standard modem ou ISDN) it means your IP address will chang each time you connect:

  • Then select "IP Upload" (see below)

para3.gif (28542 bytes)

  • In the field "page to upload" (circled in red above) put the local path where you save the streaming.htm page.
  • check the parameter "Upload HTML page at Webcam32 Startup".
  • Click on OK.


1. Connect to internet.

2. Start Webcam32: The software will update the streaming.htm replacing the %%IP%% with your actual IP address.

3. Start your browser and go to your streaming.htm web page.

4. If you are LIVE, Congratulations :))) that's all. (You may ask a friend to check if he can see you Live to be really sure)