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What is a "Webcam"

This is a camera (standard video cam, digital cam or any electronic eye plugged in a computer via a capture card, a parallel port or the USB port (works only with win95 OSR2 and win98). then a software cature a picture every x seconds and send it to a web server and finally you can see it on a web page.
You can also use the camera for video-conference or to send video mail but here we are more interested By the "Livecam" application (live picture on a web page).

Below you can see the most common applications:

Put a "live" image of anything (home, street, bedroom, office,etc..) on a web page. It is getting the most popular application. See Livecam page to view how it works and setting up page to install it

Sometimes the Webcam are used as an eye to pilot a train or a robot from the web, this is absolutly amazing !!

Videoconferencing: This was the basic application, using videoconference sofware we can talk with anybody and see his face. It is very funny but not always easy to get a good picture and good sound quality.

Now we can also send video mail, that's cool but it takes a lot of Kilobytes.


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