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Click here to see our hardware.

The Webcams:

COMPRO Products - PS39, Digital Camera (really good cam !)
Logitech QuickCam
Philips Video Camera (Really good cam !)
KODAK DVC325 Digital Video Camera Product Page
Creative Labs Webcam III and Webcam GO
Intel(R) Create & Share(TM) Camera Pack
ViCAM Desktop Digital Video Camera 
3Com HomeConnect
Videum Cams (very good kits)

Capture cards (inside PC / outside PC):

MIRO video
ATI All-In-Wonder PRO
Videum Capture cards
Guillemot Maxi Gamer Cougar Video Edition

Professional systems

Icam from Perceptual Robotics
AXIS camera


AXIS Camera-server

Wireless cams


Motorized cameras NEW


Video surveillance:

PalmVid Video Security
Today's Surveillance Solutions


Our hardware:

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The Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000 installed at the office. Click here to see the test.

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See the test page to have an idea about this cute Webcam. (PHILIPS Vesta Pro)

vestsidmini.jpg (6860 bytes)

[email protected] 2

First I used the Matrox Rainbow Runner capture card and a standard video camera, I had the best quality but it always says in the middle of the image: "TAPE" to tell me that there were no tape inside the cam. It also took place, used two cables, etc.. So I decided to buy a little PC cam and I choosed an expensive one (about $200). this is a no name kit with a Philips module and a standard capture card and I'm satisfied of the picture quality. (The Big Picture Cam of 3com is really similar)

camself.jpg (49684 octets)

This is a self-portrait  ;-))

philcam.jpg (8433 bytes)

This Webcam model made by Philips is a good deal.

A card like the following one is enough to get a really good picture quality for a low price (about $50). The card on the right is a Siemens card for about $100.

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